Everything Basketball provides a unique opportunity for young athletes to be able to sharpen their basketball skills.  EB’s experience staff led by Sterling Dickerson has an unequaled ability to look at every player as an individual and help him or her to progress even in a group setting.  Each training class is accompanied by a life-skills session to help aid in the quality of life in families and develop core values in our youth, which glues the bond between trainer and athlete, but also aids in creating the well-rounded person.  

The best way to equate what our training is to do the following:  take a dash of basketball skill development, an ounce of basketball specific speed, agility, and quickness, with two shakes of common goodness and respect, and stir it up with a cup of love and you have Everything Basketball’s Skill Training Sessions.



All skills training classes must begin by scheduling a Consultation* to determine the class level.  This gives the trainers an opportunity to assess the athletes, get a familiar foundation to start to build trust, and aid in the beginning stages of a young athlete's progression in their personal skill development.

Except for the training classes that have been contracted by other youth sports organizations.

Title: Consultations


Description: This is a 45-minute assessment of an athlete’s basketball skills for proper placement in training sessions.

Title: Private Lessons


Description: This is an intense 1 on 1 skill session for one hour.

Title: Semi-Private Lessons


Description: This is an intense 2-4 player skill session for one hour.

Title: Small Group or Team Sessions


Description: This is an intense 5-12 player skill session for one hour.